Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Indie Author Showcase 6: Jonathan Sturak

Before I get to the author in today's showcase, there's something I need to say.

I need your help.

Last week, I pledged a week's worth of profits from my ebook to American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. It would be super cool for all of you to help make this a more substantial donation.

On to the showcase

Today's featured author is mystery/thriller writer Jonathan Sturak. He is a native of Pennsylvania, but now lives in Las Vegas. His first novel, Clouded Rainbow, was published in December 2009. He has also received several awards for his screenwriting and short fiction. And to top it all off, he's also a filmmaker. You can find more information about Jonathan, along with photos and video clips, on his website. 

And now, from the man himself.

*   *   *   *

Book Title: "From Vegas With Blood"

Genre: mystery/short story collection

Your Book in 1000 Words or Less: It's your first night working at a souvenir kiosk on the Las Vegas Strip. Your trainer is Daniela, a mysterious woman of the night who provides you with the lowdown on working and living in Sin City. Daniela reads you eleven stories over the course of your night as you embark on a journey with her through the Nevada desert. At the darkest part of night, Daniela's true colors reveal themselves, and they're blood red!

Book Link:
From Vegas With Blood

Author Website:

Something Unique About Your Writing Process:
I like to write stories that are based on reality with a twist. Living in Las Vegas pays dividends.


  1. L. David..I ordered your book on the 18th of this month! I thought I had already done this but hadn't. When I went to start reading wasn't on my Kindle.
    But it is now!

  2. Excellent! Thanks, Gabriella! I appreciate the support!