Friday, April 29, 2011

Indie Author Showcase 10: J. Robert Kennedy

Today's Indie Author Showcase features J. Robert Kennedy. I think a quote from his own website seems to sum up the writer perfectly: "J. Robert Kennedy wrote his first story when he was five... Everyone in it died." If that doesn't get your attention, you've got ice cubes where your heart should be.

In addition to the work described below, J. Robert Kennedy has also published short fiction, as well as a novel called "The Protocol", which was published through Lachesis Publishing. Be sure to visit his website for news and more information about his work.

And now, from the author himself...

*   *   *   *

Book Title: Depraved Difference (A Detective Shakespeare Mystery)

Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Your Book in 1000 Words or Less:
Would you help, would you run, or would you just watch? When a young woman is brutally assaulted by two men on the subway, her cries for help fall on the deaf ears of onlookers too terrified to get involved, her misery ended with the crushing stomp of a steel-toed boot. A cell phone video of her vicious murder, callously released on the Internet, its popularity a testament to today's depraved society, serves as a trigger, pulled a year later, for a killer. When emailed a video documenting the final moments of a woman's life, entertainment reporter Aynslee Kai, rather than ask why the killer chose her to tell the story, decides to capitalize on the opportunity to further her career. Assigned to the case is Hayden Eldridge, a detective left to learn the ropes by a disgraced partner, and as videos continue to follow victims, he discovers they were all witnesses to the brutal subway murder a year earlier, proving sometimes just watching is fatal.

Depraved Difference is a fast-paced murder suspense novel with enough laughs, heartbreak, terror and twists to keep you on the edge of your seat, then knock you flat on the floor with an ending so shocking, you'll read it again just to pick up the clues.

Book Link:
Depraved Difference (A Detective Shakespeare Mystery)

Author Website:

Something Unique About Your Writing Process:
I don't plan what I write. I prefer to start writing, and see where it goes. This turns the writing process into a reading process as well; I don't know where things are heading when I start. I remember writing Depraved Difference and killing a character I had expected to have survive. I actually shed a tear! If I had planned out the book from beginning to end as some do, I never would have had that experience.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Indie Author Showcase 9: Lee Emerick

All sorts of behind the scenes business going on right now. I wish I could explain it all more clearly, but it will have to wait for a time. I can assure you, though... it does not involve ninjas. So put away those throwing stars before you hurt yourself. Plus, why are we talking about throwing stars?

Today's Indie Author Showcase features one Lee Emerick, a man after my own heart due largely to his self-professed fascination with zombies! Lee published his first novel, "Super Nova", in 2009. He went on to write a sequel ("Mechanical Jihad") as well as a third novel entitled "Extinction Theory". Be sure to check out Lee's website for more information about his work!

And now, from the author himself...

*    *    *    *

Book Title: 20 Years After The Zombie Apocalypse

Genre: Post Apocalyptic Horror

Your Book in 1000 Words or Less: Harriette Madyson is the last woman alive. Twenty years ago her world came to an end when a zombie plague engulfed the population of Earth. At the tender age of seven she found herself in a nightmarish situation where the dead literally returned to life. Left with little to use and nowhere to hide Harri now finds herself stalked across the frozen desolate landscape of North America pursued by the former love of her life. All that she has to keep her going is the hope that she can make it home to die in peace.

Book Link: 20 Years After The Zombie Apocalypse

Author Website:

Something Unique About Your Writing Process: The style of the book flashes back to various points of the main character's life as she relives her past in the present. I focus more on the psychological aspect of how it would feel to be in the situation such as helplessness and despair, rather than just random action and violence.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Indie Author Showcase 8: Tominda Adkins

 Before we get to the Indie Author Showcase today, I have two things I'd like to mention.

First, please remember that I'm pledging the rest of the month's profits from my ebook "Prismatica" to American Cancer Society's Relay For Life charity. I want you to read my book. But most of all, I want to give Relay For Life a good chunk of cash at the end of the month. Slap the Amazon or Smashwords link in the sidebar to help.

Secondly, I've discovered (via the blog of indie author Zoe Winters) an incredible website called Zen Habits. You can find quick snippets of information about creativity, motivation, serenity, organization... it really is a garden of ideas. I urge everyone to visit this blog when you have time. Bookmark it. And return frequently.

Today's Indie Author Showcase features Seattle-based writer Tominda Adkins. She's been writing since she was twelve years old and she offers a printed novel that sounds fascinating. Give her some indie author love and show some support for what looks to be one innovative story, which is the first in a series. Indies authors unite!

And now, from the author herself...

*    *    *    *

Book Title: Vessel (Book I: The Advent)

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Your Book in 1000 Words or Less:
"They're divine. They're almighty. They're about six thousand years late.

They're the Vessel, five living gods born to smite an ancient anomaly of death. That's what beloved pop legend Jesse Cannon is saying anyway--after claiming to be a Vessel himself. It's enough to make his long-suffering assistant Jordan hand in her two week's notice. She might not survive one week, however, because Jesse's divine vision is no myth. Something is stalking them both, and it's not a crazed fan . . .

Advent brings the fledgling deities together (on a tricked-out tour bus, of course) for the ride of their immortal lives. Unearthing the Vessels' calling will take them from the banks of a forgotten Nile tributary to a Toronto truck stop, from the set of Oprah to the gates of Hell and back. Along the way, they must survive not only one another, but flesh-eating tentacles, water gun assasins, prehistoric priestesses, undead groupies, powerful hangovers, cut-off jeans, and one very fed up celebrity assistant.

Gird your loins: this is urban fantasy. No pet panther or tribal tattoo required."

Book Link: Vessel, Book I: The Advent

Author Website:

Something Unique About Your Writing Process:
I tend to write key scenes out of order, and let my characters sort of connect them organically. It's not as if I make it up as I go--it's just a matter of asking myself how Characters 1 and 2 manage to get from Point A to Point B. The results are usually way more entertaining and realistic than if I attempted to write from start to finish.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Indie Author Showcase 7: Arthur J. Sines & Kenneth Wayne

It's a Twofer Friday! 

Before I get to our double feature, I have to ask you all to help with my Relay For Life / American Cancer Society fundraiser. I'm extending the pledge date to the end of the month. That means we have another week to raise money for the charity. Think about loved ones who have been touched by cancer; I think that's about the only motivation you need.

So please. I want you to read my books; but even more, I want to raise a good chunk of money.
One other thing... you might notice a Facebook widget on the scrollbar to your right. Slap the "Like" button on that widget. It's pretty simple. And that part is free, too!
On to the showcase!
Today, I'll be showcasing two different authors. Be sure to check out work by both writers. We indies have to stick together and support one another.The best way to do that is through commenting, reviewing, and spreading the word. So hop to it, readers and writers! Let's spread the word.

The first author is Arthur J. Sines. It doesn't look like he has an author site to promote here, so I'll just let you read about his work below. And keep scrolling for the other showcase afterwards.

*   *   *   *

Book Title: BlackMail: The Beginning
Genre: Science Fiction

Your Book in 1000 Words or Less:
The Third Party, or The Party for short, is a ruthless organization of spies and saboteurs. Their goal is to subtly craft and direct the world into a utopia, a place with no crime, no hate, and no prejudice. A place where nationality no longer exists and all people coexist peacefully, the true Marxist dream.

One of The Party's best agents, BlackMail, is being assigned to train a new recruit. The Party has high hopes for their new agent, Jade. But shortly after her training begins The Party assigns them to a critical mission that threatens their existence. But things go terribly wrong and it leaves BlackMail questioning what The Party really stands for.

Her discovery will propel her down a road she never thought possible, and forever change her life. And it will propel Jade down the path of The Third Party.

Book Link: BlackMail: The Beginning (Agents of The Third Party)

Something Unique About Your Writing Process:
I wrote and edited this book over a very long period of time. It had at one time spawned an entire site dedicated to helping unpublished authors get their work out. That didn't work, but fortunately amazon caught on and that dream is realized here. 
 *   *   *   *
The second author in today's showcase is Kenneth Wayne. He was raised on the American West Coast and has spent a few decades in Asia. Kenneth has under his belt five novels, dozens of short stories, a novel-length travelogue, and two ESL text books. He also runs the eTLC, (Electronic Text & Literature Cloud), which is an archive that only features authors who are not backed by major presses. So when you're done here, go check out his archive and find some new weekend reading material!

And now, from the author himself.
*   *   *   *

Title:  Clip
Genre:  "Kafkaesque" thriller

Your book in 1000 words or less:  Imagine you’re watching a video posted on the Internet and catch a glimpse of yourself in it. The only thing is, you were never in the place where the clip was shot and you don't know any of the people in it.

Charles is an expatriated American living in Japan who spots himself in a sex video that has gone viral. Initially, he dismisses it as a fluke. His apprehension fades after a Japanese barmaid is convinced that he was in the clip and enthusiastically accepts his offer to spend the night with him.

His new-found fame wanes when a supervisor at work watches Charles in a job-related video and notices that Charles’ facial expressions momentarily take on those of a different person. After this incident, Charles is convinced that his video “flukes” must be explained.

His journey to discover the truth reveals: a former porno starlet with a “unique” talent; the couple from the viral video wants him to join a secret cult; the CIA is involved somehow; people with blue auras are important; disappearing people complicate things; a Russian gambler at a Korean casino with an agenda; and inter-dimensional reptilian aliens behind it all.

CLIP is a Kafkaesque thriller, which implodes into haunting 21st century veracity.

Author Website:

Something Unique About Your Writing Process:  Driving my family crazy as scribble away instead of devoting my time to day-trading or some other more "practical" pursuit.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Indie Author Showcase 6: Jonathan Sturak

Before I get to the author in today's showcase, there's something I need to say.

I need your help.

Last week, I pledged a week's worth of profits from my ebook to American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. It would be super cool for all of you to help make this a more substantial donation.

On to the showcase

Today's featured author is mystery/thriller writer Jonathan Sturak. He is a native of Pennsylvania, but now lives in Las Vegas. His first novel, Clouded Rainbow, was published in December 2009. He has also received several awards for his screenwriting and short fiction. And to top it all off, he's also a filmmaker. You can find more information about Jonathan, along with photos and video clips, on his website. 

And now, from the man himself.

*   *   *   *

Book Title: "From Vegas With Blood"

Genre: mystery/short story collection

Your Book in 1000 Words or Less: It's your first night working at a souvenir kiosk on the Las Vegas Strip. Your trainer is Daniela, a mysterious woman of the night who provides you with the lowdown on working and living in Sin City. Daniela reads you eleven stories over the course of your night as you embark on a journey with her through the Nevada desert. At the darkest part of night, Daniela's true colors reveal themselves, and they're blood red!

Book Link:
From Vegas With Blood

Author Website:

Something Unique About Your Writing Process:
I like to write stories that are based on reality with a twist. Living in Las Vegas pays dividends.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Indie Author Showcase 5: Patty Jansen

Today's featured writer is Patty Jansen, who boasts an impressive list of published stories and novels along with the honor of having placed first in the Writers of the Future Contest in the second quarter of 2010. She's also part of the editorial team of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. Be sure to visit her website for more information about her work. Also, if you're a writer, or a reader interested in writerly matters, you have to peruse Patty's blog. It's priceless. 

And now... from the author herself.

*    *    *    *

Book Title:
The Far Horizon

Genre: Science Fiction (for younger readers)

Your Book in 1000 Words or Less:
Of all the things ten-year-old Cory Wilson expects to do when he moves to Midway Space Station, saving aliens from humans isn't one. An important conference is about to start at the station, not usually the sort of thing kids care about, not even when the conference is between humans and aliens, and half your family is alien. However, when bullies tease Cory, he ends up in a prohibited area where he overhears some men planning to plant a bomb at the conference. Because the terrorists hide their messages in computer games, no one believes Cory, not even his father, the station director. Kids at school think he’s crazy, some even think aliens should be bombed. The conference starts, the aliens have brought a very important person, and Cory's teacher, one of the terrorists, locks Cory in the classroom. Can he get out in time? If he does, will anyone listen? 

Book Link:

Author Website:

Something Unique About Your Writing Process: I have a jar with pieces of papers with numbers on my desk. When I'm in the final stages of editing a book, I draw pieces of paper from this jar, and work on the chapter number corresponding with the paper I draw. This helps me focus on the nitty-gritty editing, instead of reading the story.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Indie Author Showcase 4: Stella Deleuze

Today's indie author showcase gives us an example of the variety found within this massive community of writers.  Stella Deleuze offers a book of humorous short stories. Go support her work, find her on Facebook, do whatever you can to help yet another indie author trying to make a name for herself.

*   *   *   *

Book Title: Excuse Me, Where is the Exit?

Genre: humour/short stories

Your Book in 1000 Words or Less: A collection of short stories 2nd POV with witty observations.

Book Link :

Lulu: (not if this works for the US)

Author Website:

Something Unique About Your Writing Process: I rather write slowly and with precision than edit until I can't see the book anymore and I get through massive amounts of chocolate.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Indie Author Showcase 3: Kevis Hendrickson

The third author to be featured on the Indie Author Showcase is an all-in-one creative powerhouse. Author, musician, illustrator, and filmmaker Kevis Hendrickson brings us the adventures of an intergalactic bounty hunter. Be sure to grab his eBook from Amazon and definitely check out his website for more information about the Rogue Hunter universe.

*   *   *   *

Book Title: Rogue Hunter: Quest of the Hunter

Genre: Science Fiction

Your Book in 1000 Words or Less: Intergalactic bounty hunter Zyra Zanr stumbles upon a secret plot to assassinate high-ranking members of the InterGalactic Senate. Zyra is reluctant to get involved, but unseen forces conspire to draw her into a conflict that threatens to explode into a galactic war. Little does Zyra know that she alone can save mankind from an impending holocaust.

Book Link:

Author Website:

Something Unique About Your Writing Process: I consider myself a spiritual successor to the ancient bards who spun the old myths and legends. Anyone who looks closely enough will find mythological underpinnings in my work regardless of genre.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Lee Moan is the second author to be featured on our fabulous Indie Author Showcase. He offers us a collection of dark fantasy and supernatural horror tales that I'm sure will keep you up at night... 
Lee's first book, The Hotel Galileo, was published in 2009 by Wolfsinger Publications. He has a number of books available on his website. His short stories have been featured in numerous magazines before being collected here. Finally, Lee is also a musician and, as it turns out, a lover of coffee. 
And now, from the man himself...

Book Title: The Midnight Men and Other Stories
Genre: Dark fantasy/ supernatural horror
Your Book in 1000 Words or Less:
Men in black calling at your door on the stroke of midnight . . .
Three pieces of human flesh with the power to kill . . .

A devoted wife who just won't die . . .

A bag of bones that should never EVER be touched . . .

A young man cursed with the power of premonition . . .

A vial of blood which promises a night of passion for a disfigured woman . . .

A sheriff who carries an unearthly burden . . .

These are just some of the tales in this gripping collection, taking the reader from supernatural suburban terror to the far future where the fate of mankind rests in the hands of an innocent.
All the stories have been previously published in respected magazines including Dark Recesses Press, Hub Magazine, Revelation, Whispers of Wickedness, Niteblade, and more.
Author Website: Lee Moan's Steam-Powered Typewriter (
Something Unique About Your Writing Process:  In the early days, I used to plot everything out. Synopses, outlines, chapter breakdowns—the works. The end result was that I never finished any of the novels. Not one. For me, the meticulous plotting (a process which so many writing craft books recommended) drained all the joy out of the writing process. Now I plot everything in my head but don't write anything down, except maybe a few notes here and there for continuity. Since adopting this new approach I've completed six novels. Keeping it all in my head maybe risky but it's also a good way of keeping the current project alive in my mind, and it makes the writing process more fluid, open to change along the way, which is important to me. I always have an end-point in mind on every novel project, but I don't want to know every exact detail of how the story will end. I want to discover it through the characters and maybe along the way be surprised by some of the things which happen. Writing should be fun. I'd like to try and keep it that way.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Author Showcase: Daniel Arenson

The first author to be featured in my new Author Showcase is Daniel Arenson, who specializes in epic, dark, and surreal fantasy fiction.

His short stories have been featured in Flesh & Blood, Chizine, and Orson Scott Card's Strong Verse

Daniel's fantasy novel Firefly Island was published in 2007 by Five Star Publishing, an imprint of Gale. His second novel, Flaming Dove, was released in 2010. You can read more about it below. Be sure to visit his website for more fantasy books which also feature some stunning cover artwork!

And now.... Daniel Arenson!

*     *     *

Book Title:  Flaming Dove


Your Book in 1000 Words or Less:

Outcast from Hell. Banished from Heaven. Lost on Earth.

The battle of Armageddon was finally fought... and ended with no clear victor. Upon the mountain, the armies of Hell and Heaven beat each other into a bloody, uneasy standstill, leaving the Earth in ruins. Armageddon should have ended with Heaven winning, ushering in an era of peace. That's what the prophecies said. Instead, the two armies--one of angels, one of demons--hunker down in the scorched planet, lick their wounds, and gear up for a prolonged war with no end in sight.

In this chaos of warring armies and ruined landscapes, Laila doesn't want to take sides. Her mother was an angel, her father a demon; she is outcast from both camps. And yet both armies need her, for with her mixed blood, Laila can become the ultimate spy... or ultimate soldier. As the armies of Heaven and Hell pursue her, Laila's only war is within her heart--a struggle between her demonic and heavenly blood. 

Book Link:

Author Website:

Something Unique About Your Writing Process:
  I wrote Flaming Dove in longhand -- just a pen and notebook.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Indie Author Showcase

In my constant effort to keep the blog fresh and unique, I've decided that I'll be hosting an indie author showcase at least twice a week (as long as authors are interested in posting, that is).

The process will be fairly straight forward and simple. You, the author, can contact me via e-mail at ldhesler AT hotmail DOT com

Simply answer each of the following items in as much or as little detail as you'd like.

Book Title:
Your Book in 1000 Words or Less:
Book Link (where it can be purchased):
Author Website:
Something Unique About Your Writing Process:

I think this will be a great way to build a community of indie authors... we all need help and we might as well work together to succeed. In any indie movement, it's key that the creators stick together and help each other build audiences.

But I'm no expert. I'm just the Noob.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Survivor: Short Story Edition

I found this incredibly interesting post by Matt Lapata at Glimmer Train Stories regarding the short story as a form and what writers need to do in order to help it survive. In his article, Matt tries to understand how the modern short story might survive against comic books, TV shows, and video games.

It seems he's suggesting that modern short stories need to be as explosive and engaging as any of those other forms of entertainment. Writers need to create memorable characters and scenes that are unforgettable. In short, we need short stories that don't suck. Well, that's my incredibly simplified summary of what he's trying to suggest. He makes a much better argument.

I take this as a friendly challenge, though; it's almost a writerly call to arms. And I think all indie writers should do the same. I'm going to take it upon myself to go on a Story Quest. I want to figure out a way to make the short story feel more like a rock song (taking a cue from Matt in his article). It's time to turn the short story on its head in a way that makes sense in the digital age. It can be done.

And I'm going to do it.