Friday, September 2, 2011

How Not To Finish A Novel #1

I tend to do quite a bit of my writing while my wife is asleep next to me.

Also, my wife talks in her sleep. This is a bit of an understatement, actually.

She says stuff that makes this guy look like Winston Churchill...

Case in point:

Tonight, as I put finishing touches on a WiP, my wife flipped over beside me in the bed. She wrestled the blanket off her body and stared at me with her eyes shut.

Yes, with her eyes shut. Doesn't get creepier than that.

Scratch that. It can get creepier.

She stared at me with her eyes shut and said in a whisper, "My arm is dead."

My first thought was, "Oh crap. She's been bitten by a zombie."

I only stared at her and said, "Oh." I figured she didn't need to hear my primal fears at such a late hour.

She moved a bit more, rolled her head back and forth, then started snoring again.

Fine. Weird random comment during her sleep? No problem.

A few minutes passed and I was back in the WiP. Suddenly, my wife stirred again.

She asked, "When will this turn back on?"

Again, her eyes were closed. And I suddenly thought two things were happening.

1) My wife had been replaced by a malfunctioning terminator.
2) My wife was Nina Sharp.

And that's only one in a million ways I have been distracted from my WiP.

Are you at the mercy of distractions? Leave a comment and tell me how you stay focused on your work.

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