Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tease It Tuesday

Each Tuesday, you'll get a sneak peek at one of my works in progress... whether you like it or not.

Feel free to leave a comment after you've read the teaser! Tell me if you hate it, love it, or see anything that could be changed.

This week, I'm giving you a preview of the next installment of of my free novella "Rose & Blade." This story takes a look at some of the history of the alternate world discovered by the protagonists in my debut novel Children of Aerthwheel


He cast a trembling finger towards the entrance of the hall and hissed, "The soldiers, even the priests, are losing their patience, Your Majesty. They speak of weakness, fear, forgiveness. There are even rumors that you have begun practicing the rites and rituals of the Old Order. These are not the traits of a warrior queen." 

"And you seem to forget the traits of a proper military advisor, Astul," the queen said. "Though you have, no doubt, spent your life learning the varied laws of engagement, you behave as a power-swollen tyrant. Azariel will enjoy his holiday, as should we all. The killing will come later." 

She paused and glared at Astul with deep green eyes.

"And my spiritual affinities should be of no concern to you, Astul. I merely learn what my ill sister has taught me, do you understand? Perhaps you have no affinity for the ways of the Old Order. But should you read any of the histories of our dying land, you will understand that the practices of the Old Order were but a means of preventing monsters like Namenlos from taking power. Had more people understood this, we might not find ourselves trapped in a divided kingdom.”

Astul sneered and said, “The ferocious ease with which Namenlos tore our world asunder should be proof enough that the Old Order does not bare any significance, Your Majesty.”

“Believe what you will, Astul, and I shall do the same. Though I rule as a single leader, I am inspired by the democratic ways of the old ones. To each his own. This is the way a civil kingdom would live."

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