Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Indie Author Showcase 12: J.R. Tomlin

Happy Hump Day, everyone!

Before I get to the Indie Author Showcase, I wanted to say two things. 

First, I'll be making some music available on the website very soon. You see, I'm also a musician. You can find music from my former band DeepSkyTraveler here. In fact, the newer of the two albums, "The Sacred Science of Souls", actually comes with a short story and some other supplemental goodies I created for anyone who buys the whole album. For the record, I created the rhythm guitar, drums, and some spoken word in all of those songs. The other musicians (who never even met me in person... we were based entirely on the Internet) created bass guitar, lead guitar, and vocals. So what about the new music? Some of you may remember how I previously talked about redefining the short story... making it as memorable as popular television, giving it a little bit of a rock star bump? Well, I'm working out some ideas that meld my music and my fiction. So, stay tuned.

Secondly, I wanted to point you towards Sarah Allen's blog. She's a rather creative person who has been detailing her journey as a writer on her blog for the past few years. She's about to break the 500 followers milestone and I'd really like to help her in this achievement. So, after you've read about our featured author below, please go visit Sarah's blog and show some indie author love!

Today's featured author is J.R. Tomlin. She is a writer of historical and fantasy fiction; she's originally from southern Texas and now living in the Pacific Northwest. Ms. Tomlin's work has been featured in the online magazine Sorcerous Signals as well as in the anthology Arcane Whispers. Her blog features samples of her work as well as insightful posts about the craft of writing. My favorite post so far? Her thoughts regarding the mechanics of a fictional battle. It forced me to rethink some scenes in my upcoming novel... and eventually led to a few rewrites. Thanks, JR.

And now, from the author herself...

*    *    *    *

Book Title: Freedom's Sword
Genre: Historical fiction
Your Book in 1000 Words or Less:
Before William Wallace... before Robert the Bruce... there was another Scottish hero...

In 1296, newly knighted by the King of the Scots, Andrew de Moray fights to defend his country against the forces of the ruthless invader, King Edward Longshanks of England. After a bloody defeat in battle, he is dragged in chains to an English dungeon.

Soon the young knight escapes. He returns to find Scotland under the heel of a conqueror and his betrothed sheltering in the hills of the Black Isle.

Seizing his own castle, he raises the banner of Scottish freedom. Now he must lead the north of Scotland to rebellion in hope of defeating the English army sent to crush them.

Book Link: Freedom's Sword
Author Website:

Something Unique About Your Writing Process:
My writing depends heavily on the research process. It is fiction, so of course fiction is woven in, but I consider the art of historical writing to be weaving fiction into the facts, not bending the facts to suit my fiction.

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