Friday, August 5, 2011

"Children of Aerthwheel" Cover by Najla Qamber

I was lucky enough to stumble across the Deviant Art gallery of Najla Qamber, a talented graphic artist and (as I would come to find out) a supporter of the indie publishing movement. Her artwork was unique and stunning, especially her fantasy-driven photo manipulations.After a few e-mail conversations, I was somehow lucky enough to have her agree to create the cover for my new novel.

And yesterday, she delivered the goods. Below is the official cover for "Children Of Aerthwheel" care of Naj and her great imagination*.

She really nailed the concept that I described to her... and I mean NAILED it. I can't express how pleased I was by the artwork she provided and how grateful I am to have my first novel feature such an amazing cover. Thanks, Naj!

Be sure to explore her work online. First, there's her Deviant Art gallery, filled with images that are sure to inspire a story or two. You can also find her book reviews, discussions, and book cover redesigns (along with a lot of other great content) at Unputdownable Books, where there's also an ebook giveaway available right now.

"Children of Aethwheel" is going to be live August 22 in ebook format. Soon after, it will be available in print. Below, you can read the full synopsis. Over the next week or two, expect more posts and some sample chapters to get you ready for the first in this epic series.


Andrew Fish is a lonely middle school student who’s lived most of his life without a mother. He's been stuck with a reclusive, emotionally absent father for nearly thirteen years. Andrew's quiet world is turned upside down when he befriends Greta Del Sol, a free-spirited orphan who just moved to town with her new foster parents. Where Andrew is afraid of confrontation, Greta is well-versed in the language of the fight.

Andrew soon realizes something evil has followed Greta and is somehow awakening behemoth creatures in the town of Little Tree. As this mysterious darkness settles into the community, Andrew begins to discover that his own family is somehow connected to the evil magic that stalks Greta. What’s worse is that Little Tree itself may be a gateway that separates two completely different realms and Andrew's secret heritage may be the key to keeping the two worlds divided.

As the boundaries of reality become paper-thin, and unimaginable creatures invade Little Tree, Andrew and his friends learn that magic is real and that its mere presence is a burden that can curse entire generations.

In 'Children of Aerthwheel,' the doors between light and dark have been unlocked. And once they’re open, the world will never be the same.

* Stock images used with permission from...

Raven Cornelissen /  (image of boy)
 Ida Mary Walker / (image of girl)


  1. Great cover! It's such a thrill when an artist realises your work AND makes it even more awesome than you hoped. Best of luck with this, David! I shall definitely be getting my copy August 22nd!

  2. You are absolutely correct, Lee! Naj completely shattered my expectations with her design. I am so eager to get this book into readers' hands!