Monday, July 9, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Writer Returns...

A Public Service Announcement

How To Kill A Blog:

1) Promise a format change and then never follow through
2) Quit posting comments on other blogs
3) Leave your blog alone for months at a time

In just three easy steps, you can slaughter the momentum of your own blog!

End PSA.

So far, 2012 has not been my best year for promotional and creative activity. To be honest, I had a rocky start since I started the year in a job that was eating every hour of free time I could find. At the same time, I was having trouble finding a balance for my creative life; in short, my writing productivity dropped dead.

I discovered it is nearly impossible to write when you are depressed about work and financially drained. In my case, there was always this sense of shame when I sat down to write; it’s a strange, nagging voice in the back of my head that says, “You shouldn’t be doing this right now. You should be looking for a better job.” And once that voice started whispering, I couldn’t concentrate on anything creative.

But lo and behold, that voice has disappeared. In March, I took a job that I absolutely love. It’s been almost five years since I felt that way about work. It’s a joy to get up and go to the office in the morning because I totally dig my coworkers and, most importantly, I am proud of the work I do for the company. It’s a real blessing.

Coupled with the fact that I’ve finally found a scheduling balance that allows for writing on a regular basis (instead of stealing precious hours at night), my creativity has jump-started itself. The past few months since taking the new job have been mostly about getting on my feet and making sure life is back on track for my wife and I; but now, it’s time to face that ominous blank page with a confident grin.

It’s time to write.

I’m currently working on the next installment of Divine Intermission, a series of fantasy novellas available exclusively on Amazon right now. At the same time, I am writing two stage plays with two separate friends and I am planning a new series of science fiction novellas for kids.

And looming over all those projects is the one that keeps me going: I am working on the sequel to my debut novel “Children of Aerthwheel.” It is in very early stages and most likely won’t be available until next year sometime. I am uber-jealous of prolific indie writers like Amanda Hocking and SM Reine; one day, I hope to churn out the books as quickly as they do.

So, I’m back. And I’m going to stay here for awhile, if you don’t mind. 

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